Glasgow and its charm


I am sitting here, my legs crossed, listening to some Chet Baker and quietly contemplating the fact I finally own a camera I can use at any time. It took me a long time to realise how much I needed it and this; to have a head full of ideas and being able to achieve my goals.

Before I started this blog, just after I bought my new baby, my Nikon, I went on a lonely venture around Glasgow. I immersed myself in the city and sunk into it, letting my imagination flow, not thinking or caring about who’s looking. For the first time in months I stopped analysing what is happening in my life or what decision to make next and what university to pick, which way to head. I just let my legs lead me, I followed whatever looked interesting and inspiring.


First of all, it’s worth to mention that this city is the largest in Scotland and the third largest in UK. It’s scary to think Glasgow is a city that has been a big part of my life for seven years now; more so in the last two years, because of college. However I never had time to learn more about it and had to face many embarrassing moments when my knowledgeable, lovely and curious boyfriend came to visit me a few months ago. I must admit that 99% of time I didn’t know an answer to his question so I’m using this as an opportunity to share with you what I know about this amazing, diverse city and write my experience of it and what I like about it so much!


What I previously learned about Glasgow was purely through making memories and not really questioning why something is there or when it was created. I think I got lazy; in a way it’s more exciting, interesting and romantic for me to try and learn about a place I’ve never been to before instead of a place I spend most of my time in. Strange now that I think of it! I’m not entirely sure how I let that happen…jhhgjhgghhDSC_5576
However from my experience I know that Glasgow is a great city for students as it offers an immense range of pubs, clubs, restaurants and many, many more. There is something for absolutely everyone and I’m not saying this lightly. There are cultural activities taking place from curling to opera and from football to art appreciation; it has a large selection of museums that include those devoted to transport, religion, and modern art. The city often hosts exhibitions and events in these areas. Glasgow has three major universities, each involved in creative and literary arts, and the city has the largest public reference library in Europe in the form of the Mitchell Library. As a person who loves art and culture this is a haven for me. There are several theatres which put on absolutely stunning shows every month, there are always gigs and concerts taking place around the city as well as new pubs and clubs opening.


Some notable streets and landmarks include George Square, Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street. These can all be found right in the city centre. George Square is a place full of life no matter what time of the year it is. On the off chance of sunshine people gather there to make the most of the sunshine; in winter a massive wheel and an ice skating ring is set up and it turns into a real Winter Wonderland; it is truly magical.


jhhgjhghhDSC_5567Neighbourhoods include the West End with its shops, restaurants and hotels, and the Merchant Quarter. The West End is probably my favourite part of this incredible city; it’s loaded with cute, quirky coffee shops and great restaurants, galleries and tiny gift shops. It has this charm that lures me in lets me get lost and spend hours just wandering the streets in search of a new book or somewhere undiscovered by me, a place for tea or coffee. The West End has a slower pace than the city centre and makes a great escape.

I feel extremely lucky to have had the privilege of studying and meeting young people from all over the place right here; this city attracts people from different backgrounds and cultures as it offers so much. Hopefully in order to avoid more embarrassing moments I will spend some time reading about this city and learning more about its history.

Thank you to everyone who reads this…it means a lot. Hope you enjoy this post and have a fantastic week!





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