It’s that time of the year again…

First of all…Merry Christmas to all of you!


Christmas is finally here and New Years is fast approaching so I thought I will put on some music that reminds me of this year and just write about my adventures!


2014 was very full; it was full of love, happiness, new chapters, but also ups and downs. What would life be without the downs, right? They make ups all the more special after all.

This year started with the most beautiful person arriving in this big world; little Ewa, my baby sitter. This magnificent creature came and suddenly we were all in love, absolutely consumed with love and pure delight. My Mum recently asked me if I can believe that I have a sister that is so like me and I just replied by saying that this used to be my biggest nightmare, but now? I can’t imagine this world without her. My family is the most important thing in the world to me, I appreciate every second I have with them (doesn’t mean they don’t annoy the life out of me sometimes…) and I would like to thank my AMAZING Mum for organising our Christmas so beautifully AGAIN!

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In February me and my best friend Ewa went to London for the first time to escape Scotland and all the happy couples at home. We wanted a “romanic” gateway for our single hearts and we decided Big Ben it is! I will always remember our trip as it was a once in a lifetime; our time spent there will forever stay in my heart. Anita, Ian and their little boys were the greatest people we could imagine spending our time with! From that moment on I think of London as a third home, I always feel that pang in my heart thinking about my time there.

dThose later months were filled with travelling; I went to Poland a few times and Dublin for my birthday. We organised a trip for a couple of days with Ewa, Nicole and our friend Alan. The trip turned out to be the opposite of what we imagined however I still think of it as a great experience! I think it was very much needed by all of us.

unnamedSummer was the most special out of the whole year because…I fell in love for the first time in my life. Completely and utterly in love. I feel foolish even typing these words, I was never a big romantic and never believed in fairy tales, but in this one I want and have to believe. It took me and Dom a few years to end up “properly” together, but timing was crucial. I wouldn’t change anything and I can honestly say I am a very lucky girl.

Autumn and winter were once again full of travelling, experiencing, meeting new and old friends, taking plenty of photographs and of course…starting this space.

The end of 2014 has been great; I went to Berlin to see my family, I had my Parisian adventure with Nicole, Christmas now and tomorrow I’m heading to Poland to my second home where I will have a chance to see my loved ones and some of my friends-how lucky am I?!

I really hope that 2015 will be good to all of you. I wish every one of you a chance to find some peace of mind from time to time, love, kind people and loads of plane tickets to undiscovered places! Thank you so much for all the support and love, I feel extremely lucky. I couldn’t be happier to spend this magical time with my family, hope you are all belly full and enjoying every minute.

I will now share the post I was supposed to publish here a few days ago, but got too caught up in Christmas!

joiDSC_7669Since I came back from Paris I felt really strange without planning another post and seeking inspiration and so the idea of a day out with Frank has come about; we thought it would be a great idea to head off to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, situated in Lothian on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. As there is absolutely no sign of snow in the rainy land of Scotland it did seem that a Christmas Market, the “magical” wheel and all the other festive attractions would sort us out.

joiDSC_7569I shall start with quickly introducing Frank to you all as I think he will be appearing here from time to time. He is my baby brother and one of my best friends. Frank is a ten year old boy who is one of my favourite companions; we’ve always been very close and since I remember I have had a motherly approach toward him. When he was born I’d just want to be there all the time to make sure he was okay and having fun. This hasn’t changed a bit but there are bonuses that come along with him growing up; now I have someone to have Harry Potter marathons with, someone that will ask me questions that will make me stop and actually think and someone I can just get a hug from at the end of a tough day. Unconditional love is the greatest love. Recently I was so busy with college and all my travels that we haven’t had the chance to spend as much time together as I would like. Our trip was very much needed!

joiDSC_7565And so… I was woken up by the sound of my terrible alarm which I hate and I quietly cursed myself for choosing Monday of all days to go. It was still dark outside, torrential rain and it was really windy – perfect weather for a trip, huh? I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and so the adventure began – there was no going back. We left the house and headed off with backpacks, packed lunches and WIND PROOF JACKETS- yes, yes we did!

I find trains extremely good places to think and though I sometimes feel like I spend my life travelling around on them I do really love the whole experience. I enjoy sitting back, listening to my music and admiring the changing landscape outside the window. The Airdrie-Edinburgh route may not be the most fascinating or beautiful but it’s still just as peaceful.


I’m usually embarrassingly unprepared when it comes to sightseeing or museum visits. If my Dad reads this he will laugh. I adore them but never really know much about them or what they contain. I wanted this day out to be a little different so IjoiDSC_7592 decided to prepare! Google is my best friend…I quickly discovered that Edinburgh has organised something that’s called ‘24 Doors of Advent’: this means that one building every day in December is opened to the public for free. For us it was the City Chambers; we were very excited indeed and decided to start our day there.

After, we headed off to the St Giles Cathedral and went to see Edinburgh Castle(from the outside as we were only in Edinburgh for a edinfew hours). We made our way to the Grassmarket which is a historic market place in the Old Town. In relation to the rest of the city it lies in a hollow, well below surrounding ground levels and is full charming places to eat and have a drink. There are small bookshops and arty shops which I adore, we walked around this area with nowhere particular in mind, just enjoying walking and exploring.

Edinburgh is a fantastic place for everyone; tourists, students, children as well as older people-there is something for absolutely everyone. Events, concerts, theatre plays and much more are taking place all year round.

After a while we stumbled upon the Museum of Childhood and decided to go in. It contained toys from different eras and was an interesting revelation as I never heard of it before. We headed back towards the train station and the area of the din 1Scottish National Gallery, at this point Frank was adamant that we were not going inside and so to distract me he decided it was the perfect moment to go on the wheel! And we did just so. We were both a bit scared at the beginning but the view made it worth our nerves being shattered a little. After that ride we both felt suddenly extremely hungry and headed off to have some sushi. Fresh air was what we needed after our unlimited maki buffet and so we went for a stroll once again, decided we were done in. Time to head home.

My day couldn’t have been better, great chats with Franko boy, beautiful scenery, photos to be taken and to top it all off baby Ewa fell in my arms in the evening looking like this:

unnamed (1)
There are many advantages that come with being a big sister.
Feeling lucky and blessed,
PS. Sorry about the lenght of this post, but I just didn’t have time to split it into two! Hope you enjoy.

Joanna x


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