Last of lazy days

joDSC_8816So…There are no trips planned for me this month and the following and my time will be mostly spent doing college work and counting the days until Dom comes over. In order to avoid you all guys disappearing I was trying to come up with something clever and interesting to write about for the next wee while.

Image4MadridI went for an afternoon, wintery walk with Frank and Ewa and I realised I don’t want to write anything clever. I want to just be myself (and fingers crossed maybe with a bit luck one day, write something clever by an accident) and so I will be writing about my days and hope it all won’t bore you to tears. Please bear with me on this one and come March I will be away to Madrid and showing you photos and telling you some more “exciting” stories of my life.

So as I mentioned we went for a walk. On Sundays I usually want to be chilling under my blanket, preferably not leaving the
house, watching an embarrassing amount of films and eating loads. However for the past week I have been doing that joDSC_8814every single day so I decided that I will give in to Ewa and go for a walk with her. I’ve put on my massive wellies, took my camera and off we went. It was a lovely day which doesn’t happen often here in Scotland and to add to the fun our neighborhood is still covered with snow. I need to admit that I have enough of all this snow malarkey, but there was something about the light today- oh dear I sound so stand off-ish, but trust me- the light was truly amazing and I have some photos to prove it!joDSC_8835

Our walk consisted of me stopping every two minutes to take a photo, Ewa and Frank having a snowball fight(I had a perfect 2excuse for them to spare me- I was carrying my camera…) and me walking into every muddy, icy puddle I could find. It was fun and we all came home slightly tired, but happy and red faced and nosed from the cold.

The other thing that has been happening with me is that…I started cooking! Yes, you heard me. Joanna in the kitchen is what I used to call “not a good mix at all”, but it turns out I can make something and not burn the house down and that is success enough for me! Dom made me start learning how to cook so that when he moves here he won’t be having noodles or pizza every night and I am more than thankfull. I don’t think he expected me to cook every day for the past week, but I have to say that I really started enjoying it! I’m hoping this won’t pass and it won’t be a short lived love. I already have a few new found recipes that are waiting to be tried out on my Pinterest account and I’m constantly looking for more. There are a few things that can I found enjoyable about cooking:
1. Seeing people eating your food happily and not running to the toilet right after the meal.
2. Your Mum’s proud face when she has the first bite or sees the final product.
3. Photographing what you made! I never anticipated it would be so much fun. I’m only getting started so I didn’t take that many photos, but here is a few for you to see.


It’s not a lot I know, but it is a start and I’m a little proud of myself! And as it weird as it may sound I kinda like smelling like homemade cookies.

If any of you guys have any cool and easy to make recipes I will be very grateful. I’m also looking for any types of tips and stuff. I would like to start eating a little healthier so it would be much appreciated.

As you can see this may not be the most interesting and exciting post but, hey! It’s my life and I love it(and yes I do realise how cheesy I sound, have a great week guys!)

Joanna x


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