wanderlust nostalgia


Hello everyone,

I miss travelling so much, I haven’t been anywhere in what feels like forever! I think that’s why my posts are getting more and more strange…here it is!

This may seem like an odd post, but I thought a confession was in order. I would like to come clean about one thing…I am a mug addict; buying, giving and collecting- that’s what I do.

I am the proud owner of a vast collection of various mugs. I am one of those people who like to collect things; I’m a sucker for memories and being nostalgic. I like to play a song, light a candle and get all philosophical about life – usually with a glass of wine to accompany me. I own boxes filled with stuff from almost every stage of my life; letters, postcards, birthday cards, drawings which Frank made for me, diaries that I abandoned after only just few weeks of writing them. I’m the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by people and things. My room is covered with photographs, postcards, cut-outs of magazines that all sum up to being memories.


Every inch of wall space has something stuck to it. It’s inspiring to have the work of people such as Richard Avedon or Henri Cartier Bresson surrounding me while I work, sleep, think. Their work is there to motivate and inspire me; I know they will never put me to work because no one and nothing can do that but me. However they give me comfort and tell a story and surprisingly it’s usually a different one every time I look at them.
I want to try and convince you now that I am NOT an over-collector. I do not like things lying pointlessly anywhere; in my mind my memories all have a purpose. I also know from experience how important it is to make space in your head and personal space for new memories and people that are still to come. We all know it’s not healthy to live in the past so be sure I don’t get crazy with it all! I promise I’m reasonably sane. I think it’s all about not cluttering your room or personal space as it is somehow connected to the state of your mind and then reflects it.


But I’m leaving the subject or theme as of this post. Mugs. Don’t you just love getting a new mug? Bought by yourself or someone dear to you; it doesn’t matter!
A few trips ago I decided that due to my limited budget on every journey I would like to bring back something less cheesy than a key chain, but more original than a postcard…and… that’s how it all started! I own mugs from places such as Paris, London, Belgium, Berlin and Poland. There are mugs in our cupboard from some of my old friends and even one from an ex-boyfriend (sorry Dom!), but each one of them is dear to me and I can’t imagine the heartbreak if one of them gets ruined. Every time I drink a coffee or tea from it I think of all the memories connected to that time. Usually this probably lasts a split second, but it still makes me feel that little bit happier and lighter!

I also think that treating someone and giving them a mug can be a great way to show your love or friendship! I don’t just buy random ones as presents, I like to search for them in various, quirky shops and if I feel that somehow it connects to the person I’m buying for I take it. My Dad’s cupboards are bursting with mugs; he gets one for every occasion. I think my Gran is getting a little fed up as she nicely tried to tell me they don’t need any new mugs now…
Call me a big cheeseball but I think it would be hard for anyone to disagree that it really is special to think that this reasonably small object, which is so practical, can make someone think about you! I mean, how cool is that?!

I already warned my Mum that I will be taking all of them with me when I move out and let’s just say she wasn’t too happy. I think that if I do then not only the house will get emptier, but also our mug cupboard.
This weekend is going to be a crazy busy one as we are planning a very FIRST birthday party for little Ewa. It is taking place on Sunday; we already bought all the food (I have no idea how my Mum managed to find space in the fridge for all of it!), tomorrow we will be cleaning and cooking and on Sunday we will dress nicely and greet our guests. We are very happy and excited. I’m planning on taking plenty of photos of all the lovely food we make to share with you guys. There might be a few embarrassing ones of all us trying to prepare everything on time…Wish us luck.

Have a great one guys!



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