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joDSC_9166Ewa’s big day was now a while ago, but today is the first day I have had a chance to sit down, sort out my photos and write something up for you!

1We had an absolutely amazing time and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves; it was a shame Ewa was in a slightly bad mood, but I think she was overwhelmed with the amount of people that turned up. I can’t believe how quickly she’s changing, every day she learns something new and surprises us, makes us laugh. Time spent in her company is absolutely priceless and we all love it; sometimes we even argue about who’s turn it is to do something with or for her. Babies bring so much joy into a home, it’s truly blissful.

annie-hall-bwThe other things I would like to talk about in today’s post are movies, in fact one in particular- Annie Hall.

I am a massive movie geek. I spend a lot of time searching for new and oldtumblr_m2qncaNNus1qjt493o1_500 movies that I haven’t yet seen. I love meeting people who are passionate about it and enjoy a good discussion. Today I would like to tell you about one of my favourites. I grew up watching Woody Allen films and I remained a massive fan throughout the years. Despite his personal life choices and stories surrounding his being I appreciate and admire his professional work and find him to be an interesting artist. So here it is!

annie_hallMovies for some people are a way of escaping reality; being able to step into another world adds a certain magic to the whole experience- you can be whoever you want or you can chose to simply sink into the action as it unfolds.
Annie Hall is an American comedy about a couple of my all-time favourite characters; two mismatched neurotics who are in search of love and their inner happiness.

Alvy is a Jewish New York comedian who is a pessimist, obsessed with death. Annie Hall is a lost and insecure young woman who is extremely fresh and eager to experience the sophisticated and exciting life of The Big Apple. Alvy is a person who refuses to change, whereas Annie Hall is a person who changes and grows constantly.
largeThe movie starts with Alvy looking straight at the camera and giving a few minute monologue in which he asks the audience, as well as himself, what happened in his relationship with Annie to lead to their break-up. He begins with by saying ‘’I would never wanna belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member’’. The movie is narrated by Alvy and is a retrospective of their whole relationship which is an attempt to find an answer as to why their love changed and faded. It is his way of confronting the truth and understanding what led to everything that has happened.

The key aspect of this film for me is Alvy’s search of happiness; his belief that Annie will be the source of that joy. One of my favourite movie scenes comes from Annie Hall; it is a split scene where Alvy and Annie are both in therapy.

tumblr_mx6tvpwcZo1rovfcgo1_r3_1280They are both asked similar questions, but although they have similar opinions and answers they view things from opposite perspectives. When they are asked ‘do you have sex often?’’ Alvy replies “Hardly ever. Maybe three times a week.” And Annie replies: “Constantly! I’d say three times a week.” This adds humour to this somewhat crazy love story and makes it even more light-hearted, making us realise how different we can sometimes see things than our partners.

Considering all their differences and the circumstances they both decide to split. We can see how quickly Annie decides to break away from her relationship with Alvy and moves to California to work on her music career.

Alvy dates other women with no luck. manhattan-02-gLonely and unhappy, he decides to get Annie back and flies out to L.A. where she is living with another man. He asks her to marry him and she declines. In the next scene we can see a rehearsal of Alvy’s first play, based closely on his relationship with Annie, but adding an ideal ending to it. Woody Allen faces the camera once more saying “You’re always trying to get things to come out perfect in art because it’s real difficult in life.” I won’t tell you how the movie ends – I don’t want to spoil it and hopefully I made you want to watch it at least a tiny little bit?

This film may not give us any clear answers and doesn’t come with an instruction of how to avoid their mistakes in our own lives but that is exactly what makes it so thought provoking and interesting to watch. It is one of those films that you might have seen a hundred times but continue to discover new things in it. It is impossible to resist falling in love with their annie hallbittersweet love story and their troubled but oh-so interesting and intriguing personalities. What I find particularly interesting is that even though there is very little background music played, Woody Allen succeeded in creating an unforgettable atmosphere and tone that this film certainly has. Annie Hall is a heartbreakingly honest story that will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time, so make some popcorn and prepare for an emotional ride.

The next two days of my life will be spent counting down the hours until Dom finally arrives. I can’t wait to have him here for a little while…After he leaves there will be more post to follow-of course! I’m thinking about doing a post about my experience with being in a long distance relathionship; I’ve been writing it for some time now, but for some reason keep holding myself back and not posting it. Hopefully it will be ready soon.
Enjoy your week guys!
Joanna x


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  1. Super cute pictures! I recently wrote Annie Hall review too. Guess the parallel therapist scene was not just my favorite! Keep writing more on movies. Would inspire me too watch more classic movies too..:)


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