Change is coming


I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. It’s truly crazy. These past few weeks have been magical. I have absolutely nothing to complain about, I’m annoyingly happy. Time spent with Dom in Scotland was amazing; we had the best time. But again I feel like I don’t want to say too much about it, it’s too precious and I want to keep it all for myself! My camera only left its case a couple of times so I took barely any photos – I’m a total dafty. Regret it already! We had 10 days to be lazy, to walk, chill, talk, laugh and discuss the near and not so near future.DSC_9220 It was very much needed; when I’m in Poland we hardly ever have time to be lazy bums. We are always on the move; meeting our friends, doing something with my Dad or spending time together outdoors. It made for a lovely change. My family is absolutely crazy about Dom so it makes everything a lot easier.


I think they all just welcomed him into the family with arms wide open. I think I would get swapped without hesitation.10307230_10152586673361433_5184750495305347617_n The only person that was probably slightly relieved about Dom leaving was big Ewa as she had to share a room with Frank. She will have to suffer it again when Dom returns in May for 12 day for both of our birthdays- EXCITEMENT.

My Mum is a true angel for picking us all up from airports, taking place, working and at the same time cooking the most delicious dinners(BIG ones when Dom’s here). Thank you so much- love you loads.


I booked my tickets to Poland for April and I will be heading there for two weeks. I can’t wait for all the long walks, seeing my beloved sea and spending time with my Dad, Dom and Ewa (yes, we do tend to follow each other from country to country).
This month is full of visits for us as last night my brother has arrived from Belgium for the first time in two years. Our little brother didn’t know a thing (which is crazy as we all let it slip that Fil’s coming about a million times, but thankfully Frank’s the dozy one out of all of us). His reaction when Fil came through the door was priceless, how cool are surprises like that?! I wish I had it in me to do it to someone one day; Dom and Ewa, watch out! One day…


Today we are being blissfully lazy and spending quality time together, looking through old photos and just chatting about what’s been happening with all of us. It’s one of those that maybe don’t seem so special when taking place, but they are the ones that stay in your memory and heart for a long time. I’m hoping to take more photos when Fil’s here to avoid making the same mistake twice in one month. Wish me luck!
Franko and I are getting extremely excited about our trip to Madrid in just 6 days (told you time flies!). I already want to start packing and head to the airport to start our Spanish adventure. I have high hopes that the weather there will be nice and warm so that we can spend time walking, chatting and eating delicious food indoors as well as outdoors. Fingers crossed that it does not rain when we’re there!


In this post I would like to write a few words about friendship. I feel like change is coming and it’s approaching faster and faster. It’s scary, but extremely exciting at the same time.
I live with my best friend and have done so for almost two years now (Ewa can you believe it?!). Our time together in Airdrie is slowly but surely coming to an end. We have no idea what the future holds for us and I can only hope it’s something good and truly special. We have been so lucky to have each other, we’ve been great friends for more than 13 years now and I know that my world wouldn’t be the same without her. I know that wherever we both go and end up she will forever remain one of the most important people in my life. oioihig

We have ups and downs, but there are definitely more ups in our friendship. I can’t imagine being able to live with someone in a tiny room like mine and not go crazy. We understand each other in a way that probably not a lot of other people understand US. It’s a friendship that can overwhelm others and I totally get why- I’m very grateful to Dom for understanding our bond. He never “puts his foot in it” so to speak and he lets us be us and he I’m pretty sure he loves us – he better, for his sake!

Friendship can be a very tricky thing; it’s without a doubt one of the most intriguing human relationships. Having friends in your life is priceless, but not talking about “friends”, but about FRIENDS- the ones you can lose touch with but somehow they never leave your heart. The people you remember.


We are surrounded by a constant sea of people, but for some reason we meet only a handful and really get to know even less of them. That is what makes it all so special and wonderful when we finally find someone who makes you richer in a more emotional/spiritual way; teaches you something new about life, yourself or others. Today I would just like to remember, all those kinds of friends that are all over the world, but remain with me in a way. I feel grateful to have them in my life.

Thank you to all of you.
Joanna x


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  1. Well stated! True friends are always in your heart no matter how much time has passed. It’s the beauty of friendship, I guess. Thanks for stopping by Experiences of an Expat and thanks for the Like! 🙂


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