jhghhDSC_6183“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” –Ansel Adams

jhghkoDSC_6290I love this quote and his work. This post won’t, however, be about either of them; it just suits the theme of it. Last night I accidently stumbled upon a really interesting documentary about David Hockney. I’ve never heard of him before so it was exciting to watch and listen about his views on art and life. He said a couple of things that made me think; for example he mentioned photography quite a bit and described himself as a “snapper” and underlined that photography is not as strong of a medium as painting as it offers time, but no space. This made me wonder and it definitely stuck in my mind. He also mentioned that he has always been inspired by books, music and poetry and now that’s something I totally agree with. I see some things as interesting only because they trigger an element in my mind, a memory, quote or even a certain atmosphere. I always tend to write with music on, it makes the whole process a lot easier and more pleasant. Then when I go back and listen to that song again it can bring me back in time.

I truly believe that our memories make us who we are; you are probably thinking, “well yeah, obviously”. joiDSC_8540But this isn’t as obvious as you think. People usually imagine memory as a storage place of all the important facts and moments but it’s a more complex process which involves numerous parts of our brain to function properly in order to do the job correctly. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up one day and not remember a single thing about yourself and your life? There are times in life when we wish we could just forget, but would we really want that to happen? An additional reason for forgetting may be dreaming. Events of the day and our deepest thoughts can change themselves into our dreams, making them hard to distinguish between reality and our dream world.

On a different note, I’ve recently started thinking that it would be really cool to have a playlist which I would add to my posts. That way if someone wants then they could play the songs while reading and flicking through all the photographs. I will try it out soon and hopefully it will become a part of this space. Music is important to me, I love it and I’m definitely one of those jDSC_7460people who constantly dream of having a soundtrack that would accompany my life. It would just make it so much better and interesting. I’m sure it would make me say all the smart and witty things just like in all the TV shows and films (haha I joke, of course, I don’t think even music could help me).


I also love sunshine. It is the best medicine for the struggles of my everyday life; I think everything looks that little bit better when you feel that warmth on your skin. I recently woke up extremely early even for me; 7:30 (the horror) and I was ready for the day. Unfortunately Ewa who was sound asleep beside me obviously wasn’t so hyper. I had a chance to read in bed in the morning for the first in what feels like forever. At 9 I couldn’t wait any longer and started waking 309467_10150292843961433_495146322_nEwa and then Frank up as I came up with an idea. I wanted to go to the park, and I wanted to go now. Quick breakfast and off we went (it of course wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but I will miss this part not to bore you too much). 308774_10150292837391433_1631630850_nIt took a lot longer than we anticipated but that was okay. Now I’m sitting and writing this post and feeling happy and content. Since the weather got nicer here (which is almost like a miracle in itself) everything is just better. There’s still drama, problems, college, deadlines and arguments but it’s better! I hope that wherever you are, you had a chance to enjoy some sunshine the last couple of days.

ihkihoooDSC_0249I just booked the last ticket on my summer adventure trip map. Looks like I will have photos, stories and good memories to share with you. Myself and two of my very good friends will be heading to Prague, Budapest and then Spain for a few days to chill and finish off our holiday. I’m set to leave in June to Amsterdam and then to Gdansk, stay there for a month and then head off again! I can’t wait for all of it!

The most important thing I wanted to talk about today, however is… Well let’s find out, shall we?

In my writing I tend to mention my Dad a lot and I feel like my Mum is just missing on this blog- it’s time to change this. My Mum is a very special person, not just because SHE IS MY MUM, but because she just is an incredibly strong human being who keeps on going no matter what

joDSC_9166.She always followed her heart and that makes me extremely proud. We’re all human and make mistakes, but she has this amazing quality to somehow stay in one piece no matter what. Even when maybe inside she’s falling apart, us, her kids never have a chance to see it; she makes sure of it. I have this extraordinary bond with her which allows me to call her my best friend. She’s the first person when something good, bad or just normal (we call each other on our lunch breaks) happens. She is the first to know EVERYTHING and I think Dom figured that very early on in our relationship. Her advice is always the best although it usually takes me a while to take it, as I’m just as stubborn as she is. What is it with Mums that they just know? When you lie, when you’re happy, when something’s bothering you? One look at me and she just gets it.

jhDSC_7438My Mum left her country, family, friends, packed her suitcase and took Frank and landed here with a one way ticket. This is how she started building her new life here. Almost 8 years since then she has a house, but not just a house, but a home. With 8 people who come and go, but for sure keep on coming back. It’s warm, happy and there is LOADS of drama. What do you expect with such a wild gang in one place? For a very long time this made it difficult for me to have a “proper” boyfriend as I think we can be a little intimidating, Dom survived and I think he has a soft spot for almost all of us.

My Mum has this beauty in her that makes people stop and think. I love when we sit down in the kitchen, put OUR music on and drink wine. Look at her, she even looks beautiful holding this karp! We always came and will come first, because that’s the way she is. She loves us so incredibly much that I hope that one day I will be able to be the Mum she is to my future children.


She makes me proud and extremely jealous sometimes; I wish I was even more like her. Intelligence, class and beauty come effortlessly toDSC_8177 her. To be honest she makes everything look effortless; dinner, cleaning, picking us up, listening to our never ending drama. Not only this, but she NEVER makes us feel like she isn’t a 100% interested in what we are saying even though we probably said it 29743298743 times before. She knows every schedule, plan, trip, almost every adventure (some I should probably keep to myself for her sanity), every feeling and struggle. Trust me, she has three kids and she still knows it all. This woman knows every inch of me and my soul and still loves me…now tell me this isn’t unconditional love? If that’s not, I don’t know what is.


Joanna x


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