Easter adventures


Welcome back, hopefully you’re all still there!

I’ve been off and busy! It’s been a wonderful time and I will be gutted to go back to reality on Monday. For my Easter Holidays I headed to Poland for two and a half weeks; before I left it seemed like it was going to be for forever, but the time flew by! I finally had more time to spend with my Dad and family there, but also Dom. It’s a lot easier for us in Scotland as we have each other non-stop, but in Poland that’s not the case. Still, as my Dad would say, we manage to spend a LOT of time together. I didn’t take as many photographs as planned, one of the reasons being I forgot to take my camera with me to Warsaw like the total dafty I am. But also, because for some unknown reason I get shy when it comes to being behind my camera when my Dad is looking so I always end up leaving it at home whenever we go somewhere- I will need to get over this soon as it’s getting annoying even for me.


Right, so shall I tell you a little about my trip? Well, I started off with eating my face off as it was Easter and at Easter we LOVE to eat, sit, spend time with our families and then collapse on the couch because we ate or drank too much. In this easy food coma my first few days passed. Half the time was spent with my family and half with Dom’s; he has an amazing family whom I love spending time with, hopefully the feeling is mutual.

11157914_10152695123261433_1615263183_n (1)Time seemed to melt away and by the time we were leaving for Warsaw for a few days just before my departure home, I found myself seeing properly only one of my friends. But hey, it’s all good, because the time I spent with her was very special and I enjoyed myself so much that I wish we had more opportunities like this. Not to worry though, we will be going on a summer trip together with Nicole so plenty of chances to catch up very soon!


IMAG2360My Dad is an absolute genius when it comes to planning trips- yes, we all get annoyed at his bossiness (I love you Dad!), but thanks to him we always see so many wonderful things and learn so much that I don’t think we could have it any other way. He has planned for us three days of adventures, nothing is ever ordinary with him, everything has to be filled with that “extra special” factor and thanks to that we always have unforgettable trips filled with inside jokes and memories to treasure forever.


We took Dom straight after work on Sunday morning and headed to our capital and the largest city in Polando (Dom slept the full way and snored as predicted!). We spent the day exploring; the thing I probably enjoyed most
when sightseeing was visiting a little place which held the eldest collection of stereo photos taken in Warsaw. We went into a tiny room with seats located around massive machinery. When you sit down on your little chair and look through your glasses you are taken on an adventure through time. Suddenly you’re standing on the streets a hundred years back and you almost forget yourself and the world outside. It was great and I recommend it to anyone who is heading to Warsaw anytime soon. It’s something you should not miss.


We walked through the city and ended up in Łazienki which is the largest park in Warsaw, occupying 76 hectares of the city center. This incredible park was designed in the 17th century by Tylman van Gameren, in the baroque style, for Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski. It took the name Łazienki (“Baths”) from a bathing pavilion that was located there.

IMAG2439Even now a Theatre on the Isle, Palace on the Water, White House, Myślewicki Palace, The Old Orangery, among many others can still be found there! It’s a perfect place to hide away from the busy city, grab a book or a coffee and do some people watching. For tourists it’s a definite must see, there is loads to be seen, explore and admire.


Our second and last night was spent at a Palace in Walewice just over an hour away from the city centre. This palace was built between 1773 and 1783 for a Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski. It was all the more incredible as we had it all to ourselves, being the only guests staying there that night.

ihkihoooIMG_0074Once again I find myself not wanting to share too many of our adventures and jokes, because they feel to special to give away, so you will have to forgive me! It was a wonderful time and I will forever be grateful to my Dad- I don’t think he realises how much I appreciate the way he shows me the world and how he can create a new and sometimes better reality. The world can turn from grey into something more spectacular. A simple journey can become fun and full of laughter. I might not be able to quote things, I’m not great at history and end up looking like an idiot most of the time, but I do listen to him. I do appreciate him taking the time to repeat stuff to me over and over again and I do LEARN in my own way and for that I can’t thank him enough.


I’m very lucky when it comes to my parents and now that I’m finally growing up I can see that more clearly than ever before. I feel extremely fortunate for the life I have. For everything they have given up, given me and how they shaped me as a human being and continue do so.

On my last night we went to flick through old photographs as me as baba. Dom, female Dom Dom and my Dad were all there and it was great fun to go back in time. Dom and Dom almost fell asleep, but I hope they enjoyed it a little too. I took a few photos of some, I wanted to show them to my Mum and you guys. As my 20th is slowly, but surely approaching it was a good way to start me thinking about time and life. How philosophical am I today, huh? Haha, please do forgive me.

2On Thursday I had a full day before my flight so I went to meet a new addition to our big family, my baby cousin, Stasiu. This was the first time I had a chance to meet this handsome chap as he was only born on the 24th of March.


I came home on Thursday and was welcomed by two smiling and loving people waiting for me; my Mum and Frank. It was great to know I’m coming to a home full of love having just left my other home full of love- how lucky am I?!ihkihoooDSC_0409

Friday was a girly day out to Glasgow with baby Ewa and my lovely Mum. Look at Ewa being a tiny traveller!


It’s been a busy two days and I’ve managed to get work experience with Scotcampus, as well as a trial shift in a bar in Glasgow. Please keep your fingers crossed for me; I’m hoping I won’t break too many glasses on my first day.


It was a beautiful, sunny day in Scotland today and as it doesn’t happen often we cherish these days even more! And so I packed baby Ewa and Frank and we went to Glasgow.


Nicole and her little brother Cameron were waiting for us in Botanic Gardens and we spent few hours there, chilling, catching up and eating (it seems like that’s all I’ve been doing- need to hit the gym PRONTO). Nicole has been an absolute superhero and helped me with Ewa and our pram. Thanks to her I had my job interview and had someone to share my news with straight away!

I already know that after I post this I will feel like I want to add 1000000 more I wanted to add, but oh well! I really hope you enjoy it 🙂
Lastly I would just like to apologise for the very long silence here, hopefully it will be a bit busier now!
Joanna x


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