Where do I start? 

3April and May are always filled with birthdays, laughter, constant running around and LOVE. Even more so this year as my lovely Mum has turned 40 and Dom was coming to celebrate his birthday with us. I was turning a big 20 so it was all about the BIG numbers. I think my Mum and I were both feeling a little taken aback with how quickly time has been passing by. I mean…Mum was 20 when she had ME, I can’t imagine how she managed…and now twenty years later we’re here.

1People don’t really pay much attention to time when you’re in the middle of everydayness, but when numbers become bigger and higher that’s a perfect occasion to slow down and reflect.(listen to me, I sound like I’ve turned 100). There is so much I want to tell you.

2Mum’s birthday was celebrated in Glasgow,as we all went for the most delicious lunch in a very lovely place called Ingram Wynd. This restaurant is located in Merchant City and offers traditional and modern takes on Scottish cuisnie. The food was heaven and even now writing about it my mouth waters. The only thing that was missing was Dom, he really is a part of the gang now.

4I took my camera and it’s fair to say I didn’t put it down all that often, however I won’t post many photos from the restaurant here as there are many I want to share in this post. If you ever find your self hungry in Glasgow I definitely recommend heading to this place; not the cheapest but you will in for a treat!


On the 2nd of May my lovely, handsome and amazing(took it too far? Too cheesy? Never.) boyfriend has finally arrived. He wasn’t lucky with the weather at all so more than half of our time together was spent at home, watching movies and chilling under a blanket- can’t complain. We even spent his birthday watching Bridget Jones without leaving the house(don’t judge me, it was his idea!). We did however had a little gate-away to Callander planned so we weren’t all that lazy.

ihkihoooDSC_0786On my birthday we were supposed spend a full day exploring Glasgow with my Mum but it was pouring down…what do you do in Scotland when it rains and you don’t want to stay at home AGAIN? Shopping, it’s the only answer, trust me. Dom never tried Chinese food so we took him for a China Buffet King, fair to say he enjoyed it. The thing you should know about him is that the boy can eat, REALLY EAT. Definitely one of the things I love so much about him, nothing better than having food with someone who shares your love for it. I just need to watch not to become twice my size when he moves here- pray for me.

5My birthday was made extra special by all my family and friends but heads down to Ewa and Nicole. Ewa has made me the most unforgettable present in the world; she made a book of my last twenty years of my life filled with photographs of me at different stages of my life(some very embarrassing) and I absolutely love it. She got it spot on, as I am a big sucker for nostalgia and personal presents. Nicole has surprised me with tickets to see Years&Years again AND an amazing day out for all of us. I took Dom to college and we headed together to Glasgow to meet Ewa, we grabbed lunch and off we went to the West End. Bookclub is a place we’ve been to twice but we LOVE.


It’s a pub-club, restaurant that offers brilliant prices for drinks and fairly good food, I must admit. The interior is beyond cool, with cocktails even being served in massive gramophones. There is a little space created for people to play ping pong which we obviously had to try after a few drinks. There’s a great vibe to the place and it’s surely 7something different and if you’re not into Sugarcube etc, GO. Two surprises awaited me that night, one of which was the unexpected arrival of my good friend Lauren(thank you again, it was the best!) and my birthday cake which came out of nowhere! Random people joined in with singing happy birthday to me and I must admit I got a little emotional. Nicole with a little help from Ewa arranged all this and I couldn’t be more grateful. My birthday this year was a dream come true. The icing on the cake was the fact that Dom was our private bartender and sent us on a trip to a very happy place a few times throughout his visit.


And finally we headed on our way! We had a bit of sun for out trip and could enjoy the beautiful scenery. I took so many photos that it was extremely hard to decide what ones to add here. I’m thinking of putting them up on Facebook just to show you guys. It’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place and I fall in love with it more each time.


9Callander is a small, but cosy town in the region of Stirling. It’s a popular tourist stop and languages from all over the world can be heard no matter what time of the year you visit. This was our second visit and we already decided it’s a bit of our place and we want to go back. Our trip was a treat I’ve organised for Dom for his birthday, it was almost kept a secret until we went but my Dad and my Mum both(separated by miles and miles) still managed to spoil the surprise- love you guys.



I’ve recently got myself hooked on Outlander, it’s a British-American11 television drama series based on the historical time travel Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon. It tells stories of Scotland which made me fall in love with this country even more.



Callander was the perfect place to immerse myself in the atmosphere of those times. Scotland is so rich in history and tradition that it truly feels like an honor being able to be a part of it somehow. This charming town is full of lovely bed and breakfasts so there really is what to pick from!





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