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 This post will be slightly different than what I usually have here but I hope you enjoy it.

I thought I would surprise you with an….interview!

beznadziejna-pogodaI can honestly say I just want SUMMER now. Weather here hasn’t even started to LOOK or FEEL like it’s anywhere near it; very depressing indeed. The only thing keeping me alive is the fact that in a month, exactly today, I will be reunited with Dom and I will be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee; without any college work at the back of my mind. I’ve got so much planned for this summer and I just can’t wait to say goodbye to rain for a while. przykro-mi

I and four other girls have been organising an event since January and we’re slowly but surely approaching the event taking place. On the 28th of May keep your fingers crossed for me- Scottish Student Journalism Awards which it will either free me or break me and leave me crying.


I’m incredibly excited to be finishing college but I will probably write more about this when I am finally finished for good! Just so that I don’t jinks it! However what I’m trying to say is that we have recently had a task to interview someone who inspires us, it took me a while to figure out who that is. I mean…I know I would love to interview people such as Woody Allen, Richard Avedon or even Picasso but can you see my problem? They’re either dead or out of my reach. I’ve decided to approach a very successful Polish blogger who has been in my life for quite a while.

I’ve been reading her posts, sharing her adventures and all the ups and downs. Purely through her writing as I never had a chance to meet her. I didn’t have much hope of her answering me but I got lucky! From the hundreds of emails she gets, she opened mine! We set a day to go on Skype and have a chat, I was supposed be professional and have everything prepared. I did but I got so incredibly nervous! And excited, of course. She’s visited Scotland recently with her boyfriend so I thought this would be the perfect time to share this with you. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege so I hope you enjoy (I know I keep saying this, but I really do)!


Blogging has been around for a while now; it all took off in 1990 along with the advent of web publishing tools which allowed non-technical users to share their posts. In 1994 an American freelancer, Justin Hall has been said to be the first blogger.
After a slow paced start, with only around 23 blogs in 1999 to 156 million in 2011. Now that makes an impression, doesn’t it? Rapid growth right there.
There are over 1.5 billion blogs out there now. The Orwell Prize has been awarded in 2009 and 2012 for blogging and that is a big deal as it is an iconic British award for political writing of outstanding quality.

I present you… The Adamant Wanderer


Ula Fiedorowicz is a 27 year old blogger from Zielona Gora, Poland. At her young age she has already had a chance to work with some well-known companies such as Skoda, Philips, Canon, not to mention her internship at the National Geographic. Her blog now has a fan base of almost 12,000 readers on Facebook and even more following her blog which she has been writing for the past six years.
Ula provides travel guides around Berlin and New York, but all sorts of great advice can be found in almost every posts she publishes. One of the things I love most are the photos she posts; some of them will literally take your breath away.


Having a chance to speak to this amazing person whom I admire was an incredible experience! I felt like I wanted to know everything, but didn’t even know where I should possibly start. Don’t worry, to avoid boring you and confusing myself I wrote down some questions beforehand and this is what I got!


JZ: Firstly I would like to just say how much I love your blog, thank you for finding time to talk to me. I was always been curious, how did your adventure with blogging begin?
UF: It was when I lived in London in 2008, I remember following some blogs, especially Scandinavian ones. There was one that I really, really liked and I thought “hmmm well maybe I could start writing my own blog!” And I did. I didn’t really know what it was going to be about, I mean I did have this idea that it was going to be about things that will interest me, so I guess the idea for it was to be some travelling, lifestyle and maybe something about food as well and as you know that hasn’t changed, although there was quite a lot of fashion on my blog at the beginning, but that changed quickly.
JZ: What made you stop blogging about fashion?


UF: I think it was because it wasn’t really my biggest interest and then I started travelling a lot so all my money was spent on it and not on clothes.
JZ: Alright, I see! So what is it you like to write about the most?
UF: It depends, because I do like writing the travel posts the most, so writing about my trips and travels and adding pictures, although when some of my trips are very long and I have to add a lot of different posts it gets a little difficult and I get a little bored.
JZ: I’ve noticed on your blog that sometimes you go back in time so you go on a trip, write a blog post and then have a break, write about something else and then again write about that trip to follow it. Is that to give you a break?
UF: Yeah, sure, it’s nice to have a break from time to time. However I do prefer having most of my posts in a chronicle order so that it’s almost like a story being told.


JZ: So what age were you when you started being interested in photography and what were your triggers?
UF: I think it was around the time I started writing the blog. Well at that time I had like a very simple camera, didn’t have a smartphone, because at that time there were actually no smartphones around yet. Wow, seems so long ago…No Instagram, no Facebook…
JZ: Remember those times? Would you say that blogging was your trigger?
UF: I think so, or maybe I just had a need to take pictures and when I was writing, adding photographs was a good way of showing and sharing my adventures.


JZ: What do you think is the most important thing about travelling?
UF: The most important thing…hmmm…I like the freedom that it brings. I mean it doesn’t always-it all depends on how you plan your trip, but I try to make it this way. Seeing so many new and different cultures, meeting people and trying new food! Everything is exciting even just observing.
JZ: What are the five places that you would go without thinking if you had a chance?
UF: I really, really want to go to Alaska. That’s like one of my top future destinations. In general Pacific and North West so like Northern California, Oregon and then British Columbia, Canada. That’s the kind of trip that I would really like to do now.
JZ: Are you planning to do it?
UF: Well I am planning, but I don’t have tickets and I know it’s not going to happen any time soon, because that’s a very expensive trip, but it will definitely happen.
JZ: I’m sure it will!


UF: From other places also Patagonia so like Southern Argentina and Chile and also I would really like to go to South Korea and Taiwan, but that is mostly because of food probably. They have really good food there, so yeah these are my top places I would like to visit. I mean, there are so much more but I was trying my best to pick a few!
JZ: I can imagine…there is a whole world out there to see. Speaking of food, where did your passion for food come from? Did you always like to cook or…?
UF: No, I remember when I was like sixteen…I always liked to eat, but until I was sixteen I could only boil water for tea and make an egg…
JZ: That is totally me!
UF: Then I remember there was this channel on Polish TV called Kuchnia TV which means Kitchen TV which was a channel all about cooking so I started watching it and I remember doing that a lot, I found many shows interesting and that is how it began, so that was when I was about eighteen. That was two years before I started the blog.


JZ: Did you plan for the blog to be divided into cooking, lifestyle and travel or did it just happen naturally? Or did you sit down and decide that it will be about these three things?
UF: No I didn’t have a plan. I never really wanted to make it strict business and tell myself what to write about and write just about that. Definitely not, so it came naturally. These are my main interests so that’s why I guess.
JZ: That’s really cool! What places that you went to influenced you the most as a person? That are special to you or changed you.
UF: Two years in the States changed a lot, it’s because it was the first time where I could really develop my interest in food because first of all I earned money so I could spend, not as much as I wanted, but I could spend more on something I wanted to rather than necessities. Food in the States is very diverse, especially in the places that I lived in; San Francisco and New York. There is a lot of emigrants so it results in cuisines from all over the world. I tried so many different things and that was very exciting and I did a lot of travelling and improved my English. Those two years changed a lot for sure.
JZ: Because we are both Polish, my last question is going to be…What do you think is the most important thing about being Polish? That is a hard question- I know!
UF: It is a hard question! I remember when I got your questions and when I seen it I was like “ohhhh”.
JZ: I don’t think I would know how to answer it so good luck to you!

UF: I will try…The most important thing…I don’t know, there are things that I just like about us, which might be that we are a pretty straightforward nation, honest and so of course it is nice to go to a store and be welcome with everybody smiling to you and offering you great customer service and so on, but sometimes people in English speaking countries like U.S.A or the UK are just too positive. Sometimes it’s just okay to meet somebody and not answer the famous “How are you” with “Yeah I’m great” but actually tell you that you’re not or not ask if they don’t want to hear the real answer. English people are known for complaining so we’re not the only country considered to be!
JZ: Which when you think about it is strange with people here being so nice all the time.
UF: British definitely complain more than Americans and Australians but they can think differently when they live in such great weather all year round! In general I think British people can be quite positive, yeah.
JZ: On this note I would like to thank you very much, have a great day and it was nice talking to you!
UF: You’re welcome and thank you.


Where you can find this blog:
“Life dedicated to traveling, sharing my adventures on:
Digital and film photography, travel, food, lifestyle, inspirations, people, fashion, art.”



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