This week has been beyond emotional.


Firstly an event which I’ve been planning with four of my fellow classmates has finally taken place. We’ve all put in so much time, effort and thought into it and seeing it all come together on Thursday…Well it was something special. Even now, writing about it I get all teary eyed. I think I might cry a few times while writing this post. Bare with me, please.

DSC_2680Scottish Student Journalism 2015 was a fourth annual event which took place on the 28th of May at the National Piping Centre. This competition is for all the aspiring journalists seeking recognition. Students from all colleges and universities were more than welcome to apply. I’m proud to say we received over 150 entries this year. The event was hosted by BBC Scotland’s Jane Lewis and our guest speaker was Christopher Brookmyre. The SSJA had a panel of judges that included editors and reporters from national media outlets including The Scotsman, The Herald, Daily Record, Sunday Mail and STV.

Now that it’s officially done and dusted college is almost over too. College has been an adventure which brought so many tihkihoDSC_2576alented, amazing and kind people into my life. It was a time that allowed me to grow as a person in ways I didn’t even expect.

I’m excited to be approaching a completely new stage of my life. I’ll be heading to Uni! This is not yet 100% confirmed but because no disaster struck on Thursday I’m feeling positive haha. If all goes well, in September I will continue studying 1Media but at Caledonian University in Glasgow city centre.

ihkihooyDSC_2292Why is September going to be so different? For starters…(tears are coming) my best friend and partner in crime has left me today to head to Poland and then America. We won’t see each other for four months. We’ve spent two, full years living together, sharing this tiny space that is my room. Almost all of our daily routines have somehow connected to the other. I already miss her and she’s been gone for a couple of hours. We’ve shared so very, very, very many chapters of our lives together for the past 12 years and I’m excited to see what next the 12 have in store for us.

ihkihoooDSC_1740It’s not all tears as Dom will be moving in August and there will be no empty bed for Joanna. I think Ewa and I are both ready to begin a brand new chapter. Not without each other but in a different version this time, it won’t hopefully be better or worse, just different.

I can’t wait for Dom to arrive(or should I say for me to arrive, it looks like he’ll be the one waiting at the airport twice this summer) and for us to finally have a chance for some “normality”. I say “normality” because I haven’t seem much of that for most of my life, my family is crazy so there won’t be a lot of it. For us though it will be a chance for a normal relationship(CAN NOT WAIT). But before all this happens I will be packing my suitcase(very soon!) and landing in Poland and spending a month in the sun before heading off on the “big trip”. Prague, Budapest and Spain(mainly Madrid). To start summer with a kick, Nicole and I are heading to Amsterdam in 11 days!


The last two weeks were packed full! Finally Nicole and I headed to Edinburgh to seeihkihoooDSC_1656 Years&Years AGAIN(we love them even more now- check them out!).


I got my ticket as a gift for my 20th from Nicole and hats off- it was a great idea. We went in earlier to explore Edinburgh and take some photos(Nicole waiting patiently for me whenever I stopped and I stopped a few times…). It was a great day accompanied by some “happy juice” and wine. The day was ended by beautiful night views of Edinburgh. It was magical and I couldn’t ihkihoooDSC_1847ihkihoooDSC_1827help but take out my camera and take more snaps. There are so many I want to share with you!


Next my Mum’s friend decided to pay us a visit from Poland and spend a couple of days here. I love when guests arrive not only because I’m excited to see them but also because it means we will be exploring. This time was no different and so we headed back to the capital!

Here are 25 things that might surprise you about Edinburgh:


Edinburgh is divided into distinct areas that retain much of their original character as settlements in existence before they were absorbed into the sprawling city of the nineteenth century. There are areas such as The West End, the Old and New Towns and many more.

Some of the best attractions are however the festivals organised here. The city hosts ihkihooDSC_2316the annual Edinburgh International Festival, which is one of many events that run between the end of July and early September each year. The best known of these events are the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.


It’s impossible to visit Edin and not stumble upon tourists from all over the world. Some brought here by the famous Sherlock Holmes and some by the mystery of J.K Rowling writing the Harry Potter saga right here or simply by the charm and loveliness of this city.


ihkihoooDSC_2670This was followed by our visit to the New Lanark World Heritage Site. We’ve had tickets to visit for a while now and I was excited to see it all.

New Lanark is an eighteenth century cotton mill village on the banks of the River Clyde, close to the Falls of Clyde in Southern Scotland.


New Lanark was created as a cotton-spinning village and was under the management of Robert Owen.


By 1799 New Lanark was the biggest cotton mill in Scotland and formed one of the largest industrial groups in the world. Over 2,000 people lived or worked in the village. The mill continued manufacturing cotton for nearly 200 years, until 1968. This helps explain why the buildings in the village are so little changed.


ihkihoooDSC_2638Now there’s even a Youth Hostel available to stay in!


If you’re ever visiting Lanark or anywhere nearby it’s a definite must see. I loved it, it can be explored with both children and without. There is something for everyone, you can learn, have a lovely tea in the cafe or just a stroll around the site. It’s worth looking into any promotions that are going around as tickets can be quite expensive. I was lucky to spot a deal on Groupon and haven’t thought twice before booking- NO REGRETS. Absolutely loved it.

To keep this post short and sweet I will leave you with this tonight and head off to bed to watch sad movies, cry myself to sleep and eat some popcorn.

Have a brilliant weekend!


Joanna x


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