Listening to certain songs or music awakens this hunger in me. Sometimes it’s a daft pop song that puts me in a good mood, makes me want to meet my friends and get wasted by a swimming pool.

303767_10150301707221433_1901057042_nJazz, alternative, RnB, even hip hop you name it and I probably have it on my playlist somewhere.

My brother is kind of an expert on music. He will tell you the note, kind, producer, artist and composer and probably even the year the song came out. Its truly impressive and annoying in the “I-want-to-be-able-to-remember-that-too” way.

301442_10150292847201433_20523890_nMe? I just listen and wait. For it to get to me and if it does? I stay, I listen and I feel. Is there a better feeling? Okay I can think of a few but it’s definitely high up there.

Other times I toss and turn in my bed and listen to something to calm me down and tonight this has captured my soul and put me into slow motion.

61TdFxyznLL._SX355_I used to be obsessed with this album, Tomasz Stanko- Lontano but especially this one song called Tale. Lontano is an album by Polish jazz trumpeter and composer Tomasz Stańko recorded in 2005 and is a masterpiece. I love every single one of the songs on it. It takes you on an adventure and makes life seem worth while all of a sudden.This is definitely the music of the night so this post just couldn’t wait till morning.

If you love music it’s worth checking out. My father had a chance to photograph Tomasz Stanko once and he gave me the photo he took. I cherish it greatly.

Few notes and I feel like life has so much to offer, so much art, so many interesting stories waiting to be discovered and told. I closed my eyes and all I could think about was the photographs, artists and things I want to learn about. I’m so hungry for beauty and art. I want to explore and learn, that’s 164669_483665956432_4889791_none of the reasons I like being “on the road”. You never know what might happen, what you’re going to see around the next corner.

Tomorrow is my last day at college, I haven’t been feeling emotional about it coming to an end yet and I fear tomorrow. People started leaving and saying their goodbyes already and it’s slowly but surely hitting me- this really is the end of my college adventure. Those two years were a beautiful time, so many people came in and out of my life always leaving something special and precious behind. Tonight I just wanted to say that I’m thinking of all of you and wishing you the best of luck with your exciting future.

Thank you.

Good night and sleep tight.

Joanna x


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