30 Steps

My time in Poland this summer is coming to an end.


Tomorrow I’ll be beginning my almost 13 hour journey on the bus to Prague. I promised I’d post soon so I’ll use this opportunity to share with you all the recent adventures in my homeland. Firstly I need to apologise for the quality of photos in this post- most of them were taken on my phone and I can’t edit anything on this laptop. This post will also be really brief… I promise everything will go back to normal as soon as I get back home.

DSC_3242The past few weeks were intense but also needed. I haven’t moved around as much as I hoped but Dom and I went on a little two day trip for our first anniversary. We went to Malbrok and Torun.

Malbrok was founded in the 13th century by the Knights of the Teutonic Order, the town is noted for its medieval Malbork Castle. It’s an amazing, big castle which is definitely worth visiting.

My Dad loves it so I’ve been there maaaaany times but I only had a chance to visit Torun once. I really wanted to show it to Dom before we leave and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.


Toruń is one of the oldest cities in Poland and it has a certain charm to it that I fell in love with straight away. There’s loads to see and DSC_3277explore; we only a had a day so we haven’t seen as much as we wanted but it was still a great trip.


Fun fact for those who didn’t know- the medieval old town of Toruń is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

DSC_3262We also went away for a night to the country with our friends and gave our selves a break from the city life. It was beautiful there with a big, amazing lake that everyone jumped into- I picked a kayak instead the water was freezing and I’m an old bore(bare with me).


I also had a chance to go to two festivals here in Sopot which was incredible. The first one is called Dwa Teatry, it takes place over a couple of days, it’s free and it’s all about TV theatre. We’ve seen a lot of plays that I would otherwise never see. It was a real treat for me!

IMG_20150717_235051The other one was an international film festival and it’s always great as I looovvvveee films, total movie geek here. I got lucky this year and was offered a VIP pass from Doms Mum. And I again I’ve seen films I wouldn’t otherwise.

image-68eaddfa6825cc9170b3e740f5819fe4ef92ecbbbfacbd096ed99d97c3d06dff-VSo much has happened in the past month that it’s impossible for me to write it all up here.  I’ve really missed writing and sharing it all with you. I can’t wait for my new adventures and posting everything when I get home!
The closer I get to my departures the sadder and more excited I get. It’s never easy to leave. My Dad, family, all the familiar places, smells and tastes. It never gets easier. I won’t write too much about this; too close to my Polish heart.

However I’m really glad I have this trip to look forward to then going home to a full house and hopefully loads of stories and tips to share with you!
Joanna x


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