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Firstly I just want to say that I’ve grown really fond of having this space, having somewhere to just let it all out. Thanks to anyone who reads me, my heart grows bigger after every post 🙂

ihkiiiiDSC_3916Part 3! Here we go…

Madrid…oh my sweet, sweet Madrid. I LOVE MADRID and I already can’t wait to go back(yes, take me now!) I consider it to be one of my favourite cities I’ve visited in the last few years. I really, really love everything about it. I wrote a lot in my previous post(here is a link in case you want to have a look) about the history and all the best attractions. I can’t be objective as I’m in love with it and people in love are never really objective(the beauty of it all!), are they? ihkiiii2DSC_3933

This time I arrived with my two companions, Nicole and Dom and our MASSIVE, HEAVY, HATED backpacks. I swear to God, my backpack is already hidden far away in my wardrobe and not leaving it for a looooong while.


We were getting lost and the trip to our hostel was tough, we had to leave Budapest at 4am and we were aboslutely drained by the time we arrived in the city centre.


Shamefully we all went to bed and slept for a few hours as we had no energy left whatsoever. I was just so eager to go out and start exploring that I got ready a little earlier and went on a lonely walk with my camera.


It felt amazing, I can’t imagine anything better to do than getting lost in those beautiful streets and may I add, not literally LOST as I remembered much more than expected.


When I’m in Madrid I get this feeling I don’t know how to describe, I feel at ease and at home, even though I don’t understand anyone properly and I know no one there. I feel more myself there than anywhere else I’ve been before. It’s a truly beautiful and priceless feeling to experience.


It would be my absolute dream come true to be able to live there for a while, even just for a few months. Wish me luck with convincing Dom one day!

Unfortunately I only  had a chance to visit few new places through our three days but it was all the same AMMMAAZIIINNGGG. ihkiiii2DSC_4049For the first time on our trip we had something else to eat rather than Italian and to be honest it would be quite hard to beat the food in Spain. I would do anything and everything for a cup of frozen yogurt with fresh fruit right now.

Of course we went to Retiro, Del Prado, Sofia, Sol, Gran Via and all the other amazing places I’ve explored the last time.

After our three nights we moved onto our final destination, Dominika’s home.ihkiiii2DSC_4083 Ahhh take me back to the sun! And the swimming pool…and doing NOTHING. I mean after two days we were all complaining about having NOTHING to do but it was truly bliss. I think we all realised that being able to fully relax is a lot harder than everyone makes it out to be.

ihkiiii2DSC_4085Nicole and I shared the room and this was our view…I mean it doesn’t get much better than that! That week involved us being absolute lazy bums, doing nothing but reading, swimming in the pool and watching movies annnnnnd even playing xbox.

At this point Dom and I were almost painfully missing our men and I must say the three of us were eager to get back (even to the shit British weather).


Those three weeks of our lives were intense, we learned more about ourselves and each other than we ever would have sitting, sharing a glass of wine in Glasgow or London. We will forever share these beautiful memories and the places we’ve visited. We will remember the tears, laughter, hunger, excitement, tiredness…all of it. It’s our adventure.


Thank you guys for sharing those three weeks with me and thank you all for reading about our trip! To the next one!

More photos can be found here:


Joanna x


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