Glasgow Ventures


I took it upon myself to explore Glasgow even more than before. After all I have the best reason to do just so; Dom is finally here for good and I should be his tour guide around the city(my brain lacks the history or even basic facts so this is the best opportunity, if this fails there is no hope for me). Dom is like a sponge when it comes to information, he sucks it all up and what is magic to me, actually remembers it all after a few days- I don’t think I EVER had this skill. I think it might be because my brain and I are too lazy which makes me sad so let’s just pretend I was born this way.


Just before all the madness was set to start we decided to go for a walk and visit the Glasgow Cathedral or High Kirk of Glasgow as it’s called by some. Here is what we found on our first venture a few weeks ago when it was still nice and full of sunshine.


Firstly I was more than embarrassed(and still am!) about never being there before! Iihkiiii2DSC_4100 mean…it’s one of the most famous “things to see” and I never even clicked I should go and see it. Shame on me! It was a truly magnificent surprise and I think I fell in love with Glasgow even more that day.

Not only because I was with Dom, but it was sunny, beautiful and we were kind of “travelling” because it certainly didn’t feel like we were in Scotland(maybe because the weather was far too good to be true). Or maybe it was that I was just so happy to be reunited with my partner in crime and finally being home after what felt like forever after all. If you’re reading this now and never been there and live locally(or what’s even worse, you have no idea what I’m talking about) get your arse to visit it- it’s absolutely, definitely worth your time.

The building itself is a superb example of Scottish Gothic architecture. It is also one of the few Scottish medieval churches (and the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland) to have survived the Reformation not unroofed. As soon as we walked closer and seen how impressive it is up close we were amazed.


It’s beautiful and by looking at it you’re transported to a whole new era, an era where there were carriages instead of cars and women and men strolling in the park conversing instead of sitting on their phones in their own worlds(converseverb gerund or present participle: conversing engage in conversation. Love this word, it’s so cool).


What’s interesting is that technically, the building is no longer a cathedral, since it has not been the seat of a bishop since 1690. However, like many other pre-Reformation cathedrals in Scotland, it is still a place of active Christian worship, hosting a Church of Scotland congregation. It’s open to anyone and everyone with welcoming staff greeting you when you enter. It’s free of charge and you can take photos which was great because I knew I could take a few to share with you!


Nicole and I have been really eager to travel around Scotland more (Outlander influence? Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee) and to be honest I think that when you are walking around the cathedral, looking up and seeing the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and  the breath-taking cemetery you start feeling like it’s a good place to start.


Beside this discovery life has been good and everything is slowly coming together. There was a lot of stuff to take care of when Dom first arrived but we are getting there. We’ve made some changes to my room which is now our room, Dom started college, got a job and is really starting his life here.


I’ve been manically looking and applying for jobs myself but so far no luck. I was lucky enough to work for a few days at Scotcampus once again but this time in the Marketing and Business department which was a new and interesting experience. Now it’s only a few days until I start the new chapter which will be my last on the educational map for a while. I’m starting to feel nervous and excited, trying to imagine what it’s going to be like and if I will meet any new and interesting people(I’m pretty sure I will- hopefully!).


Other than that…Dom and I managed to already book a holiday and we will be heading to Santander, Spain at the end of October for our first proper, alone holiday. I hope we don’t kill each other and enjoy it to the fullest.

I’m always scared to admit that yeah, I am actually happy and life is good because what if that will make it all go away? But tonight I will just say it and hope for the best.

I really hope everything is good with you, no matter who and where you are.




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