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Seeing as I haven’t had a chance to travel as much as I’m used to I’ve been daydreaming about new adventures even more. I don’t think it’s healthy for me to have few or none tickets booked although the good thing is that I’m saving money. I’ve made progress in this area for the first time in what feels like forever. I’ve made myself so used to the idea that I CAN’T
and SHOULDN’T be spending and then going home and booking random flights and just going with the flow.



I’m not stopping, oh no. I like to think of this as the time in my life when I’m trying to be more responsible- it’s as much fun as it sounds, naaaaat. I’m not sure how long this phase is going to last but I have to admit that I just like being impulsive and spontaneous when it comes to my ventures; I just happen to try and control myself before clicking the “buy” button but trust me the struggle is real. I’ve decided to take you for a walk around Airdrie today- you heard me right. Dom had a chuckle to himself about the fact I’m a “travel blogger” and writing from Airdrie but what the hell. Hope you like some of what I show you no matter where it’s from. Who would have thought that I would ever call my post “Airdrie”?! Desperate times call for desperate measures my dear readers!

ihkiiii2DSC_4444Airdrie is a town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland and is located about 20mins away from 1Glasgow and 35mins from Edinburgh. There isn’t anything fascinating or especially interesting about it now…but when you try hard enough you can find nice spots that allow you to imagine you’re anywhere you’d like to be.

The towns history is quite a long one as it goes all the way back to 1503. There’s loads of things to read about it and to be honest before now I never really paid much attention to it all. However a significant event in Airdrie’s history was the 1695 passing of a special Act of Parliament in the Scottish Parliament allowing Robert Hamilton of Airdrie to hold four fairs yearly and a weekly market in the town of ‘Airdry’. This helped develop Airdrie from a ‘farm town’ into a thriving ‘market town’. Sometimes when I walk through the city centre it’s hard to imagine that once it was a town that was actually really pretty.


But let’s get back to how I’m managing my wanderlust this time. I came up with few things in order to distract myself.


Here is a list of four things that are making me grow into a more responsible human being and into a boring blogger (hope you’ll not leave me, I promise there will be more of travelling in the next few months!).

  1. ihkiiii2DSC_4540For starters I managed to get myself a job! Its one shift a week but it’s great fun and it is connected with what I love- photography. I’m working for a company called Green Screen Company and what we provide is the photo-booth idea without the photo-booth but with the green screen instead. I’m the person who takes photographs and gets to have fun with the drunken guests. Its practice and making money so I definitely got lucky.


Spending quality time with my family and Dom. Seeing as I have more money in my account than usually I was able to take my Mum on a “date”, we had some delicious food at Wagamama and went to see “Miss you Already” and cried like intended.


It was a treat day for Dom on Wednesday as it was “Boys Day” in Poland so we went out to celebrate. I got him a few things to make up for the fact that I actually had no idea it was a special day until his Mum messaged him…ooopppss. We also had some sushi in the sun and went to see “The Martian”- we both loved it, definitely a film worth seeing.


  1. I’ve only been a few times as we haven’t properly started but it has been occupying my mind; the stress of meeting new people, new teachers, different standards, it’s all a little nerve wracking but kind of exciting.


  1. I’ve been going on shopping sprees, this ain’t healthy for my bank account either but still…I’m trying here!

If you look hard enough beauty can be found anywhere. 




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