Few things happened recently! Firstly…I’m going to London, baby. I’ve booked tickets to go for four days in November to visit my second family and to explore the city more! I’m really excited, I haven’t been in a few, good months so it’ll be great to catch up and maybe I will be lucky enough to see some exciting exhibitions! We’re also officially going to Poland for New Year’s Eve, tickets all booked.

6I also made new friends! To make it all even better, they’re SPANISH; I don’t know if my love for Spain can get any bigger.

2It gets better though,I also accidentally made a French friend who is called Joanna…She’s from Paris…Joanna isn’t an exchange student, she lives in Scotland and we’re on the same course and she’s great, we hit it right off. The fact we share the same name definitely helped.

7However from the moment Uni started I was really looking forward to meeting some people who are on an exchange here and on Tuesday I finally had a chance to do just that! We were put together in a group with two Spanish Marta’s and we started getting off topic and just chatting.


We all decided it would be great to get to know each other more and explore at the same time. It was all very spontaneous and we agreed that Stirling would be great to visit as they haven’t had the chance to go yet. We decided to meet the following day at Queen Street. I dragged Dom with me because I hate doing things without him (yes, I’m lame like that) and because he hasn’t been there either. We haven’t had much time recently to do any sightseeing whatsoever so it was amazing to get away even just for a couple of hours.


But back to Stirling! As always I headed there without knowing much or really anything about the city, history or anything to be honest. I tried to explain to Dom why I tend to do that and not the other way round; I think it’s because I don’t want to know anything, I want to have a blank mind, learn, discover, explore and then find things out. Is that weird? I don’t know but I don’t think it’s something that’s ever going to change. ihkiiii20DSC_4614Once we got back I’ve been reading and searching for interesting things to share with you.


Google is a great helper in situations like this. I’ve been to Stirling a couple of times before to see the castle and stuff but I never paid much attention to it and all I knew was that there was a lot of history surrounding it and that it was once a capital.


It’s a lovely city located in central Scotland,  clustered around a large fortress and medieval old town.

The city has been strategically significant since at least the Roman occupation of Britain, due to its naturally defensible crag and tail hill (latterly the site of Stirling ihkiiii20DSC_4690Castle), and its commanding position at the foot of the Ochil Hills on the border between the Lowlands and Highlands, at the lowest crossing point of the River Forth. The history is so vast that I could be writing about it until tomorrow. I really recommend reading about it if you’re ihkiiii20DSC_4607interested, a lot can be learned!

When we got there we were really disappointed because the famous Stirling Old Town Jail was shut for the winter; tours are available from the 1st of July for a 3 months period so if you’re planning a visit it’s best to go when it’s a little warmer. The ghost tour with actors costs around £5 and I’ve heard it’s amazing so I will definitely be dragging Dom in summer to go.


We then headed towards the castle and stopped briefly at an old church which was…shut! There was a funny, little hospital across from it which I couldn’t help but photograph.


The Old Town Cemetery is situated at the Top of the Town and was opened, so we had a chance to explore it.


It was breath taking as overall panoramic views can be gained from the cemetery across the carse of the River Forth. All of these features have been influential in the design development. ihkiiii20DSC_4671The essence of the site is as a didactic landscape which celebrates the establishment of Presbyterianism in Scotland.

This is a unique landscape with no other cemetery in Britain laid out to convey this message. The site ihkiiii20DSC_4746is of outstanding Cultural, Scenic, Historical and Architectural value as well as containing outstanding examples of Works of Art. It’s one of the “must see” places in Stirling, luckily most attractions are located very near each other.


Next was the castle, however the prices to go in were incredibly high (£14.50) which proved to be too much for us, poor students. We did go up the hill to see the William Wallace monument from the top and we went into the yard which leads up to the castle. I’ve been before and to be honest I didn’t think it was worth the money again. If you’re going for the first time and won’t have a chance to visit soon you should go but otherwise it’s not a big recommendation from me!


We then started making our way down to the city centre to grab some lunch and chill in the sun. 3We got really lucky with the weather, at first it was a little foggy but then sun came out and kept us warm.

Dom has proved to be a “bird whisperer” sharing his lunch with all the pigeons in the neighborhood.


Our last stop was the Art Museum which was free of charge and had quite a vast collection. ihkiiii20DSC_4803The most interesting collection were the silver items created especially for celebrities like Sean Connery, Ewan Mcgregor and many others! ihkiiii20DSC_4797

After our little educational visit we headed towards the train station. Dom, Nicole, Joanna and I decided to head back to Glasgow, but our newly made Spanish friends wanted to go and see the William Wallace monument up close and so we parted ways. It was a really fun day, spent in great company! We ended it on a high note with Dom, as we had some sushi and headed home to watch films and chill.

Joanna x


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