I’ve been thinking what and how I will write about this trip since the moment we left the house. I’m so excited to share this with you guys. Here it comes!


We decided to head to the airport a little earlier just to enjoy the process instead of rushing. We knew we’d be starving when we arrive so we wanted to make sure we were able to survive until then and sushi isihDSC_4981 always the best answer. I love being at airports and heading for new adventures, especially this time as I  thought the day would never come that I would finally be going on one with Dom.


I had the chance to put my phone away and relax, not having to miss him or think about what he’s doing and wishing he was there because he was right next to me. It was a blissful feeling; he will probably kill me for saying all these cheesy things but I can’t help myself.


We arrived in Santander and right the second we came out the only tourist information closed. We literally saw the woman in charge walking away into the unknown distance.


The airport is tiny and it’s fairly easy to get organised when you first arrive. The exit is straight ahead and there’s a big bus stop sign along with the bus stop on the right hand side. We were confused but I think it was mainly because we were trying to make it harder and more complicated than it actually was. I’ve never been to a place where transport to the city was so simple, it definitely should be like this in more places. We had to wait around for half an hour but we were fascinated by all the palm trees and how warm it was that time seemed to fly by. The journey right to the heart of the city costs 2.50 euros for a single ticker per person. Cheap and easy, what more can you ask for!


When we finally got off the bus we were slowly realising that no one in this beautiful city really speaks English. ihDSC_5130After travelling around Europe for so long you just get so used to the fact that everyone uses English that you forget that you are a guest and sometimes they just don’t. We never got used to it on this trip but we knew we shouldn’t be getting angry, not really (as I said, we were guests after all!). It did make our lives more complicated but usually managed to get something to eat and even get some directions.


When we got off the bus we had no idea where to go but Dom jumped on one of the buses and asked the driver; the whole bus joined in, speaking Spanish and showing us the way. After that we were able to find it no bother and finally breathed with relief. The city made an impression on us from the start, the climate does help; everything seems nicer when it’s warm and nice! We got lucky, it never rained once when we were there, the temperate was usually around 24 degrees.



Quick shower and we were exploring, but by the time we went out it was almost 11pm so we were shattered but also so excited about being in this foreign land that we just hand to go for a walk before bedtime. We grabbed some AMAZING pizza, beers and sat in the park and had our dinner. It was as cool as it sounds. Oh god take me back.


The next day we went full out and kept walking along the coast, we were desperate to see the beach and everything else on the way. This was definitely my first holiday where I didn’t hold the map. Dom took over and rightly so because he was great at it, we got everywhere we wanted almost without any problems.


What’s great about Santander is that almost all attractions are free of charge. You can visit the mini zoo, go to museums and cathedrals and lose nothing out of your holiday budget. It definitely made a difference, as when I travel I like to explore and see art exhibitions, cathedrals and so on and there I didn’t have to reach for my purse very often.


All our money went on food and it was the best thing ever. Delicious ham, olives, fresh baguettes, pinchos, pizza, pasta…It was all heaven and we made the most of it. Every day we would head to one of the supermarkets or little local shops and buy stuff we then ate outside in the sun. Once more I got addicted to frozen yogurt with fruit which I can’t recommend enough!


We had a very loose plan for this trip but once we were there we wanted to make sure we see as much as possible. Only things we knew were that we wanted to chill on the beach and catch as much sunshine as humanly possible, explore and have a good time. Everyday we walked for good few hours, sometimes we felt it and sometimes we just forgot about being tired. It was the sort of nice tiredness though, only the body and not mind. We were stress and care free and that hardly ever happens for either of us (we’re not the calmest people in the world).


I have to say that this time it’s not my or Dom’s fault that we didn’t read or get to know the history of this city before leaving. All tourist attractions were in Spanish, staff at the tourist information we went to spoke only Spanish and guides were also written in Spanish. We were walking blind but that doesn’t mean it was any less fun. We loved but we do wish we had a chance to get to know this city more.


I would say it’d be very hard to get properly lost in Santander but there are loads of little streets where you can hide away from the sun and just take in the atmosphere of the place.

6Parts near the coast are beautiful, there are tourists and it does look like a pretty rich place. When you start walking up the hills and into the more residential part of the city, you start seeing all the poorer families and districts. It was extremely interesting to have such a comparison of the city, those parts were only 10mins away from each other and the difference could be felt and seen. It was just as beautiful though and I did kick myself a lot for not taking my camera on our last day. We went wandering around and we seen so many amazing sights and parts of the city…I was really stupid to pack it up in my suitcase.


I will always remember this trip as it was my first holiday as a couple. I either travel alone or with friends, I’ve never had a chance to travel with my boyfriend. It was a completely different experience but I can officially say that I would love to travel more with Dom.



Sorry that this post is not as informative but if you have any questions, let me know! I will be more than happy to help any way I can.




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