Wellpark Brewery


It’s always difficult to come back to reality after a weekend well spent and this one is even harder for me as we took it all the way to Monday. We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day properly that day as Dom was working all weekend; we’re so hipster. On Sunday we woke up and exchanged our gifts, I couldn’t wait to give Dom mine; it was a surprise plan for Monday and I’m rubbish at surprises because I just want to tell people alreadyyyyy. I got something extra special from Dom and I know I will cherish it; thank you, AGAIN.

Today I’d like to share with you our trip to the Wellpark Brewery.

One of Dom’s favourite things is BEER so this tour seemed like an ideal present idea for him and I couldn’t be happier we did it. I will tell you all a little about it and then make a bullet point list with all the useful information.


First a little basic facts about this place to get us started. Wellpark Brewery is a brewery situated in Duke Street in the East End of Glasgow. It was founded in 1740 on the bank of the Molendinar Burn by Hugh and Robert Tennent. The company produces the  famous Tennent’s Lager which is Scotland’s market leading brand of pale lager since it was first produced at the Wellpark Brewery in 1885.

1If you’re coming by train the best way to do is get off at High Street and walk, it takes approximately 10mins without rushing and it’s very straight forward. I was worried we’d miss it or struggle finding it but it’s pretty much impossible to do so. We got there a little earlier to sort out our tickets and decided to explore before our tour. The reception building is very nicely done inside and there’s a nice, calming atmosphere.



The floor is divided into two with one door on the left and one on the right. On the left is where you can pick up or purchase your tickets, visit the gift shop and have a look around the various cans displayed, along videos of adverts made throughout the years. It’s also where the tour starts and where the tasting takes place. The lager was once famous for the design of its cans, which featured photos of various female models printed onto the side – known affectionately as “The Lager Lovelies”. This feature was used by Tennent’s up until the final campaign in 1989. Today, authentic original Lager Lovely cans are highly sought after among collectors. The can design is now a plain silver colour, with the company’s trademark large red “T” featuring prominently. They’re all displayed and it’s great fun to see them up close, I had no idea that they even existed.


The other room is a small but fashionably designed restaurant. We were only there for a few seconds because we’re nosy and wanted to see everything.



When the time finally came to start the tour we were both really excited about it. We gathered in our group and began listening. Our tour guide was a nice guy who joked throughout the tour and made it friendly and interesting. We were given our safety outfits which made everyone laugh and off we went. I was told before I wouldn’t be able to take photos on the premises but as it turned out I could but…I left my bag in the reception. I’m really gutted about it but I’m sure we’ll be back and I will take some. The tour is around an hour and it flies in; you’re taken through the different rooms and processes of the production. It’s so surreal to see it all up close! After the tour is over you’re invited back to the ‘cool’ room where it all started and you’re given a choice of a pint and four, different tastings. It was amazing, we never expected so much from it and it’s safe to say we were not sober when leaving. I would recommend it to everyone as it is great fun with your partner and at the same time pretty informative. The atmosphere is friendly and very casual and you’ll fell comfortable despite wearing ridiculous clothes due to safety reasons.


So here a few bullet point just to give you some general information.

  •   Student tickets are £5 per person but you’re better off booking it through the phone and picking the tickets up and paying there. Remember your student ID!
  • Online it’s only possible to purchase adult tickets which are £7.50
  • Family of 4  – £20 (based 2 adults and 2 children aged 12-18 years)
  • Visitor Centre Opening Times:

    Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
    Weekends: 11am – 6pm

  • Tour Times:

    Mon – Sat: 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm
    Sun: 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm

To finish this post off here are a few lovely photos from a very happy Dom!






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