The last few weeks were crazy; literally. I was finishing up uni and managed to somehow get my degree! The moment I got my results was super surreal and I know I won’t get over it for a while, I really thought I couldn’t do it and…I did it! Now to pass my honors…Fingers crossed.



Dom and I both turned 21- we are officially, slowly but surely becoming adults. We went out for some celebratory drinks with Nicole, Bartek and some of our work buddies and the next day we headed to Edinburgh. I loved all of my beautiful presents and the time we had eating sushi, laughing, chatting and visitng Ewa in her flat. She prepared snacks, bought wine and a delicious chocolate cake with candles; they even sang me a happy birthday. It was a special day, spent with all my special people- it couldn’t have been better.

I’ve been reading, watching EVERYTHING that I’ve been dreaming of for the past year but when I was stuck doing uni work. Dom has finished college and passed all his modules and graded unit; I’m so proud of him. He has no idea how amazing he is and how proud I REALLY am. He managed to find a job he enjoys, improve his English, build his confidence, pass college, make new friends, survived living with me (not so easy most of the time) and all of that happened in less than a year. He is a truly wonderful guy, I would be lost without him; even though I sometimes want to kill him and vice versa.


We will be heading to Poland in 11 days and I will probably be gone for another little while. I know I have neglected this space in the past few months but to be honest, my heart just wasn’t in it. I think I needed a break to come back and share some exciting stories with you rather than write just for the sake of it all. Now I’m feeling fresh and ready to this again 🙂 I’ve missed it.



Our first trip in a long while was to Vilnius. I booked everything as a present for Dom’s birthday and we were both extremely excited to go; not just because we had a long break from travelling. The main reason (at least for me) was the fact that my Dad’s Mum grew up in Vilnius, my family has roots there and it was important to me to see and explore it. Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital and is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town. But the buildings lining this district’s partially cobblestoned streets reflect diverse styles and eras, from the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral to Gothic St. Anne’s Church. The 16th-century Gate of Dawn, containing a shrine with a sacred Virgin Mary icon, once guarded an entrance to the original city. The city centre is beautiful, it really is, but when you leave it just for a few minutes you can see how much there is still to be done.


We loved it, if you’re planning a short/cheap city-break its pretty much perfect. Wizzair offers great ticket prices and its considerably cheap once you get there. What shocked as the most were the prices for cigarettes as they are around a euro at a pack- wow, huh? Haha, the biggest perk for us were the museum prices. Before we left we 

3were considering buying a museum card which allows you to visit any museum you wish, free of charge. It costs 15 euros and when we arrived we were still debating whether to buy it; we finally decided there was absolutely no point. All museums are between 1 to 2.50 euros per person; I kid you not. Some of them are completely free of charge so you don’t even have to worry, if you’re hungry for some museum-seeing then Vilnius is definitely your best shot.


ihuyyoDSC_7215This meant we had a bigger budget then initially planned and we greeted this with great enthusiasm and by buying even more delicious food. The two things I hate to save on while on holiday are museums and attractions but also FOOD. Dom is a big believer in trying the national cuisine of every country we visit; I’m usually just as excited however the food in Vilnius is very similar to our Polish cuisine and so I tried some other amazing things. We were there for four night and it was the perfect amount of time to spend in the city centre. If we were ever heading for longer we would probably try and go and explore the lakes and what-not outside of the city. All museums are located near or in the city centre so you will not be getting lost much, we never had major issues finding places, although this might be because Dom was our navigator- I can’t really read a map very well….

The only issue we had was the fact that people are generally not very nice. I don’t if it was because we are Polish or because we spoke English when ordering etc. I have no idea what the issue was but it just reminded me of Poland, I think that we can often come cross as rude.



My absolutely favourite exhibition we went the one with a room full of beautiful dresses. Sounds shallow, but it was breath taking. Words can’t really describe them and thought don’t give it justice but you need to see it. It took us on a trip through time, from the 60s/70s all the way back to the 18th century. I loved it.



On the 18th of July we are heading back to Poland for 3 weeks, then we are taking the bus to Berlin for a week. Dom will be meeting more of my family there are celebrating my aunt’s 40th. My Dad is planning a 10 day trip for us so I’m sure I will have plenty to tell you about from the road. Last year was a little lacking in trips, however for the rest of this year we have a few trips planned.

I can’t wait to share it with you guys,


Joanna x



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